Wii Error Codes

Wii Error Codes are 5 or 6 digit warning screens that you may encounter while using your Nintendo Wii gaming system. This website serves as a tool to find out the meanings of these errors and how to fix them.

Simply select an option from the menu above where you will be able to browse and choose by number. You can also search the database using the search box below.

Once found, you can now decipher what these vague digits mean. A detailed description will be displayed which will help you better understand and troubleshoot your problem including the cause of the issue and its solution.

Information on this site has been collected from Nintendo and from other technical websites, forums, and blogs from around the internet. Every effort has been done to ensure that the solutions to problems are correct and will fix your problem, but not every solution may work in your individual situation.

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Thank you and we hope you are able to solve your issue.