Wii Error Code 52000-52099

This error is caused by the Wii being unable to aquire an IP address from your wireless network.

To solve this error :

Try changing the channel of your wireless router to either channel 1 or channel 11 which can increase download speeds. Be sure to test both channels to see which works better or faster.

Ensure your router has DHCP enabled.

Your IP address for the Wii console might be shared with ant honer device. You may try manually assigning the Wii console an IP address.

To view your IP settings of your network on a PC, click Start > Run > type CMD and press Enter > type IPCONFIG/ALL and press Enter. On Windows Vista, click Start > type CMD in the Start Search box > click on CMD icon > type IPCONFIG/ALL and press Enter

You may now manually set the IP for the Wii console after you obtain the IP information.

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