March 22, 2023

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Are You Having Problems With Google Penguin?

Google Penguin specialists

Google Penguin is the latest algorithm updates from Google. Google Penguin replaced the Panda and Google Webmaster Central repository updates. Google Penguin attempted to make life easier for website owners by removing duplicate content, spam links and “click fraud” or automated accounts. Google Penguin is aiming to make the internet a better place to find information and also to remove the fake or spam sites which are ruining the reputation of the real websites on the internet. Google Penguin made some mistakes in their attempt and as a result they have introduced the new algorithm “Google Sitemaps” as well to reduce the amount of duplicate content and spam sites.

Google Penguin was an codename for a Google new algorithm update which was first released in April of 2021. The upgrade tried to improve the quality and relevancy of the results returned by Google’s crawlers. As Google Penguin introduced over the summer it caused a lot of confusion amongst internet marketers because they could not figure out how Google could get traffic to their site. This confusion soon cleared up when Google released the updated Google Sitemaps (search engine tool) which includes all the details about every site on the major search engines. Google Penguin included a new algorithm which disallowed the linking of external sites to internal pages; however, this change did not have a significant affect on the quality of links.

As for the algorithm itself, it was made in reaction to criticisms and concerns raised by Google users, particularly around two issues; one being the tendency for some webpages to have their links appear in the wrong places, Google felt that this caused the search results to be biased. Google Penguin attempted to address this issue by requiring that any page containing links must have a relevant content, a similar format to the links which appear in Google Webmaster Central. Google did not mention exactly how this would work, but hinted that it would target websites which had duplicate content, spammed links and other suspicious behavior. In theory, Google Penguin will ensure that users only see sites which are valuable to them. One theory is that Google will start to penalize those who are simply spamming the Internet, especially as this practice has become a problem recently.

However, the biggest rumour surrounding Google Penguin and Google Sitemap is whether or not these updates will affect your websites ranking in Google’s result pages. The update is supposed to be a relatively minor change which should have little effect on the rankings you see for your target keywords. Some experts believe that Google may start to list low-quality websites as well as websites which Google deems to be spam. In theory, Google Penguin aims to tackle the low-quality websites, thus forcing them to bring up their rankings in the search results.

To answer the first question – no, Google penguin has no bearing on your rankings. The Google algorithm doesn’t affect link profiles at all, so if you have high quality link profiles i.e. ones which have been built over time and have a good reputation you shouldn’t be affected by Google Penguin. Additionally, websites which have been blacklisted due to being linked to spam have already been affected by Google’s latest algorithm update. So there’s no point in worrying.

If you want to know what Google Penguin is all about then there’s still some hope for you. Google has mentioned that it will keep on monitoring the internet and will make any changes which are deemed necessary in the future. So if you’re looking for ways to get backlinks and increase your search engine rankings now is the time to act. There’s still a lot to do, but the latest news regarding Google penguin and Google Sitemaps should encourage SEO professionals everywhere to start penguin blackballing unethical websites and implement the new core algorithm in their own ways.