March 22, 2023

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How to Lead a Digital Marketing Roadmap Exercise


If your organization is looking to accelerate the adoption of digital marketing technologies, you should consider implementing a 6-step digital marketing roadmap exercise. This process from Social Cali Digital Marketing Agency in Rocklin will help you assess your current state, present your future state desires to engineers, and bring alignment between different teams.

It will also help you leverage reference architectures and set standard baselines with confidence. By the end of the exercise, your team will have an idea of how to begin executing and planning for a first release.

Capturing all existing platforms

Leading a digital marketing roadmap exercise requires you to think about the full picture. Your business goals, technical prerequisites, and team capacity all play into your decision-making process. It is important to consider all these factors to ensure you plan effectively and accurately for the future. One way to keep everything on track is by creating a reference architecture diagram. This will help you visualize your digital marketing function and determine the highest priorities for your business.

Identifying quick wins

An effective digital marketing agency in Roacklin roadmap exercise begins with identifying quick wins. A quick win can come in many forms, from optimizing the customer experience to seeking strategic partnerships. It also may be as simple as using business intelligence to capture more leads or measure your marketing performance. Quick wins can be found almost anywhere and are easily implemented.

Quick-win analysis is especially useful when working with large groups of stakeholders. It allows you to convert qualitative variables into measurable elements and prioritize them based on their value. When combined with a roadmap planning timeline, a quick-win approach can provide a calculated visualization of the kind of results your team can expect in the coming months.